Villa Vetojaervi

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The cottage at Vetojärvi is located in Enonkoski by the beautiful Vetojärvi Lake, only 36 km from Savonlinna. The cottage itself and nearby sheds can house a total of 16 people.  The cottage is featured all modern comforts: an air conditioner, electric stove, microwave oven, a fireplace, wood heated baking oven with stove, water boiler and a coffee maker, two televisions and a VCR/DVD – player, boat(s). (and an engine if needed) Additionally, there is a dishwasher and a washing machine, as well as a tumbler dryer.  The area is surrounded by fabulous hiking ground with lean-tos for resting.

Prices for six persons.

Weeks 1,2 and 25-32, no weekends 1200 €

Weeks 3-24 and 33-50 950 €

Weekends 3 - 24 and 33 - 50 400 €

Midsummer 20. - 23.6.13 1200 €

Christmas 22. -26.12.13 1200 €

New Year 29.12.13 - 3.1.14 1100 €

Check availability and pre-order!

Vetojaervi's address: Mustolanmäentie 345, Enonkoski

Vetojaervi's coordinates: 62.0419640,29.0968690

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